1. Kylie, we have not met yet even though our families are closely connected. I look forward to when I am able to meet you! I love the blog that you and Paul have put together. And I really love your blog today and Paul’s post! Chronic pain no matter where it starts from is so exhausting! My pain started 5 year or 6 years ago and for me it took 2 years to diagnose the cause. I am not sure they really understand what causes “it” but it has a name of mixed connective tissue disease in one way but ultimately it comes down to pain, extreme, high levels, constant, and unbareable. My heart broke for you when I saw the picture. You are so beautiful and yet your pain is so real! I pray that you will be able to receive answers and help quickly! I pray that your journey with pain does not go much longer. I also pray for Paul as he struggles to know how to support you. But I am also thankful that you have Paul.

    Blessings dear Kylie. I hope we can meet soon.


    1. Author

      Thank you so much Naomi! I can’t wait to meed you, hopefully soon!

      I am so sorry you have to experience chronic pain as well, but it’s nice to “know” someone who understands it. It truly does effect every aspect of life. I really hope you can find some relief soon! I am beyond blessed to have Paul with me to endure this journey, I couldn’t do it without him!

      We both really appreciate your kind words and your prayers!

      Love to you,

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