Food and money, one people must have, the other almost everyone wants more of. With a few changes we can improve the foods we eat and possibly get more of the money everyone wants. Meal planning – this concept doesn’t only work to eat healthy or lose weight. There are several other benefits to planning out your meals on a weekly basis. 1.  Mental Freedom Each day is a barrage of decisions that must be made to function as a human. Meal planning once for the week allows you to make less decisions daily and funnel that energy into other areas of your life, likeRead More →

Welcome to our blog! What an exciting new adventure! Paul and I have talked casually about starting blogs before, but the idea never really stuck, until now that is. While we were in Cancun last week, we were reminiscing on this past year and how many exciting things we did. Which led to me saying, “We have a cool life!” Who knew that simple statement would be the epiphany we needed to jump start a lifestyle blog? Then the brainstorming began. What should we call it? What will we write about? etc. etc. We played around with a lot of different names. We wanted: 1.Read More →